Telescopic poles, hooks, insurance, weighing scales, fruit presses - suggestions from various Abundance groups.


Here are a few hints and tips noted by the Abundance community:


A few key tools are very useful for harvesting fruit.

Below are some examples of promotional material used by various Abundance groups:

We are recruiting new volunteers

Elderflower Cordial


Makes 2.25 litres/around 4 pints

Guerrilla gardening, Incredible Edible Todmorden, orchard planting, the Edible Bus Stop – these were all ideas related to our own core Abundance work and something I planned to explore one d

Sarah and Juvy making Elderflower Cordial

The recent elderflower season saw WEN Abundance pick hundreds of elderflowers to creat 165 bottles of Elderflower Cordial.  For those of you who have made cordial yourself you will know what a

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