Care of fruit trees

As you know, your fruit tree needs some care and attention to flourish, just like you do.

·        Give it some water in hot, dry or windy weather. Early evening is ideal to let the water soak into the tree roots before sunrise. This could be either several full watering cans ; ‘grey’ water from your bath or a few minutes on a slow hosepipe aimed about two feet from the trunk.

·        In June or July, thin out heavy crops on your apple / pear and plum trees, removing two small fruits to every three growing there.

This enables the fruit left on the branch to ripen more easily because now

it has more space, air and light. This also stops the branch from bending or breaking from excess weight.

·        If your tree isn’t too tall you can protect the fruit from birds and squirrels by hanging fruit netting over it, or an old net curtain.

·        Give young / newly planted fruit trees some food in late spring. A  slow-release granular fertiliser is best. e.g. Seaweed compound is a good  organic food.


Thanks to Carol French of Glorious Gardens, London, NW6 for this advice