London Orchard Discovers Needed!


London Orchard Discovers Needed!

The London Orchard Project is launching an exciting new project which aims to uncover existing orchards in London. We are looking for volunteers from all over London who have a bit of time available to help out with this project over the next six months.

We have a database of potential orchard sites and we need people to check whether they are indeed orchards and, if they are, to survey them to establish what state they are in. We will give you the training you need to accurately survey the orchards, the sites will be in your local area and you will be free to choose when you want to go and survey them.

The survey data will be captured on our database so that we can get a much better picture of the state of London's existing orchards and hopefully start to harvest them where possible.

If you are thinking of starting up a new fruit tree harvesting project (or ramping up an existing harvesting project) then this is the perfect opportunity to find out more about the orchards in your area.

If you are interested in registering as a volunteer or want to find out more about the project then please email: