Care of fruit trees - Spring


Tree Care Bulletin No 3

From Kensal to Kilburn Fruit Harvesters

Spring 2013


Your apple and pear trees are probably in blossom now after a very hard winter.

So TLC is ever important to obtain a good crop later in the year.  Here are some tips that are especially important for small, young trees:

  * If frost is forecast, cover small trees overnight with horticultural fleece or net curtain fabric to prevent the delicate blossoms from falling.

Advice on pruning apple and pear trees

Pruning a tree


Winter care of apple and pear trees

From Kensal to Kilburn Fruit Harvesters

Your apple and pear trees need some winter care. Winter is the best time to prune them because that's when they're dormant. The Royal Horticultural Society website currently suggests November - March which is also annual pruning time for many shrubs.

* Be health and safety conscious: wear suitable protective clothing and have a steady ladder with an extra person to help.

* Prune on a day when no frost is present or forecast overnight.

How to run an Edible High Road

Guerrilla gardening, Incredible Edible Todmorden, orchard planting, the Edible Bus Stop – these were all ideas related to our own core Abundance work and something I planned to explore one day... when I had more time... But then I read about a new idea: the Chelsea Fringe, a festival of anything and everything to do with gardening, that would take place at the same time as the Chelsea Flower Show. Gradually ideas began to solidify: we must do something inspirational and fun, but something with a longer life span than just a 3-week festival.

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