Hot chilli chutney

As featured on Ivy and Neat's website

For all you fans out there of spicy chutney, this is an especially good recipe, combining the sweetness of the apples with a hot after-kick from the chilli. It creates a warming mouthful that’s perfect with cheese, cold meats, sausages and any hot dishes that are crying out for a bit of spicing.

Blackberry & Apple Jam

There’s no better time than the present to tackle this fruity jam, a luscious deep purple in colour. Blackberries are ripening fast in gardens, hedgerows and on wasteland near you! Get out there with your containers before it’s too late and get picking. (Avoid fruit growing beside roads though, because of pollution hazards.) This jam smells wonderful when you are preparing it, and it makes the perfect companion for your breakfast toast or a freshly baked scone.

New website features West Ealing Abundance jam recipe

A brand new website focusing on all things home made has featured our scrummy rhubarb, orange and vanilla jam recipe.

We were luckily enough to have a good crop of rhubarb given to us this year to try out this new jam.  It's easy enough to make so if you are fortunate enough to hve a second crop of rhubarb around now try this out.



WEN Abundance




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