Care of fruit trees - Spring


Tree Care Bulletin No 3

From Kensal to Kilburn Fruit Harvesters

Spring 2013


Your apple and pear trees are probably in blossom now after a very hard winter.

So TLC is ever important to obtain a good crop later in the year.  Here are some tips that are especially important for small, young trees:

  * If frost is forecast, cover small trees overnight with horticultural fleece or net curtain fabric to prevent the delicate blossoms from falling.

Care of fruit trees

As you know, your fruit tree needs some care and attention to flourish, just like you do.

·        Give it some water in hot, dry or windy weather. Early evening is ideal to let the water soak into the tree roots before sunrise. This could be either several full watering cans ; ‘grey’ water from your bath or a few minutes on a slow hosepipe aimed about two feet from the trunk.

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